Book Series For Mature Women

Are you a woman of a ‘certain age’ and do you

  • have a dream but have no idea how to bring it to fruition?
  • fear your best work is over, feeling it wasn’t enough?
  • wonder who could possibly want what you have to offer?
  • have a desire deep within to do something else however unsure what to do?
  • catch yourself thinking that at 45+ you are too old to start anew?

In an ageing nation, it’s rather ironic that
Australians are so youth obsessed.

I’m 50+ and proud of it. So much so that in my business, Women’s Business Now link, I focus on empowering women of a ‘certain age’ to believe in themselves & grab fresh opportunities, rather than feel it’s too late to change their life because time has passed them by.

To this end, I began publishing a series of books especially for mature women ‘Now we’re talking” – and there are more to come!

These books will inspire, educate and empower you to live the life of YOUR choosing!

Why I wrote this series of books

Many mature women I speak with in my network share that they often feel invisible in society and in the media in particular. Stories, articles, interviews and advertising are often targeted at younger women. These mature women acknowledge that they are no longer considered young by society, and most are pleased that those challenging years are behind them, however they feel young and vibrant and certainly are not yet senior citizens. They feel they are a ‘middle years’ demographic – and are ignored!

“It is time for us all to shake up the stereotypical representation of how women over 50 years should look, feel and behave, as much of what we see or hear reflects the reality of a previous generation of mature women.”

My passion and mission are to show the world that as mature women we are a growing demographic that has been stereotyped and overlooked for too long. We are vibrant and young at heart, with many productive years ahead of us, and we want to live a life of purpose and passion.

For many, this may be their first opportunity to really take on the world on their own terms, after building early careers that may not  have really satisfied them, and fulfilling years of family expectations.

Also, I want to leave a legacy for my daughter and her peers, showing them that  they also can live a long and productive life for many decades to come.

I do hope you enjoy the book series ‘Now We’re Talking’.