About Bev

About Bev


Over the years I had attended many personal development and business seminars and was often asked the question: ‘What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?’ My silent answer – I was too insecure to share this with anyone else – was always the same: ‘I would be a professional speaker and trainer.’

Lacking confidence and knowledge of the process involved in establishing such a business, plus finding endless excuses, meant this dream was put in the too-hard basket for too long. However as I approached my 50th birthday I shared my vision with friends and was surprised to find they also held dreams within them, yet had procrastinated for many and varied reasons as well.

As a result, I made a decision in my early 50s to begin my speaking and training business from scratch, a difficult and challenging process but one that has been so fulfilling and rewarding, as I am now living the life of my choosing. I now enjoy every new and exciting day.


Through sharing this vision with my ‘age peers’ I was introduced to wonderfully interesting women who too have begun living their dream after the age of 50, and this in turn fueled a desire in me to encourage others to step up to the plate.

These books are written for the woman who holds onto a precious dream but may be unsure of how to turn it into reality, or who may have faced obstacles or made excuses over the years.

It is also for the woman who is unsettled or has a stirring within, knowing there is ‘more to life than this’, but lacks clarity and certainty.

Official Bio – just in case you are interested!


Born in Melbourne in 1956, Bev still calls that city home, living there happily with her husband Andrew. She began her working career teaching physical education, and when her two children were young joined Le Reve, a then-new Australian direct sales organisation marketing high-end fragrance, skincare and aromatherapy products.

Over 15 years Bev built a multi-million dollar business with Le Reve, reaching the highest achievement level within the company. During this time she had the opportunity to speak and train at local, national and international seminars and conferences, and began her pursuit of personal development. Bev later sold her business to work for a financial services company as a business development manager, then began her own speaking and training business, Master
Networking, at the young age of 50.


Bev is passionate about inspiring and empowering mature-age women to reinventthemselves professionally and personally to enable them to live their dream life. As a catalyst for change Bev supports mature women to make life and career changes by

– connecting mature women with relevant business professionals
– providing online programs and training as well as seminars, workshops, conferences and books.


Master Networking assists professional service businesses seeking to retain clients and gain new business through networking and relationship building. Her sessions are informative, interactive and fun.

For more information about keynote presentations and workshops, plus her range of products including books and CDs designed to help you become a Master Networker, refer to contact details below.

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