Health for Mature Women will ensure you are fully equipped for a zestful life!

It is an easy read, packed with a diversity of topics from exercise, laughter, mind-set, Pilates, hypnotherapy, chiropractic, menopause and Thought Field Therapy to genetic profiling and much, much more. This enlightening and engrossing book presents a diverse group of wellness-focused women, all experts in their field, specialising in working with mature women: their wisdom will help you make the most of what can be the best years of your life, full of freedom, choices, adventures and new challenges.

This book will inspire you to fill your life with energy and vitality in your mature years.

Special guest authors include:

Maggie Beer – cook and author

Lisa Curry – fitness trainer and Olympic Champion

Shelley Taylor-Smith – world marathon swimming champion

Diana Williams – founder of Fernwood Fitness

Plus 13 Health Professionals – all experts in their field.

In an ageing nation, it’s rather ironic that Australians are so youth obsessed.

I’m 50+ and proud of it. So much so that in my business, Women’s Business Now, I focus on empowering women of a ‘certain age’ to believe in themselves and grab fresh opportunities, rather than feel it’s too late to change their life because time has passed them by. This book, ‘Now we’re talking – health for mature women’, is written for a demographic that is demanding recognition and information: mature women who are – or want to feel – vibrant, energetic and vital; who are young-at-heart and eager to live in optimum health for the next stage in their lives.

Why you need to buy this book

  • To be inspired, educated and empowered to enable you live in optimal health for many
    years so you can live the life of YOUR choosing.
  • You cannot turn back the clock – you may have some regrets about your health practices
    in the past – however it is not too late to make changes.
  • YOU are the only one who can make and keep yourself healthy. Your medical or health practitioner and the contributors in this book may assist you, however it is YOUR responsibility if you wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This book is written for the woman who wants to remain young and vital and live a life of passion and purpose.

It is time for us as mature women to shake up the stereotypical representation of how women over 50 years should look, feel and behave, as much of what we see or hear reflects the reality of a previous generation of mature women.

Now We’re Talking

This book is written for the woman who wants to remain young and vital and live a life of passion and purpose. It is time for us as mature women to shake up the stereotypical representation of how women over 50 years should look, feel and behave, as much of what we see or hear reflects the reality of a previous generation of mature women.




Contributing Authors


Maggie Beer

An eye for health

“Maggie Beer is synonymous in Australia with good food: taste is a sense she can’t imagine living without, but here Maggie provides insight into another sensory issue she holds personally dear.”

Phillipa Challis


“Mature women sometimes get so busy they find it hard to recall when they last had a hearty laugh that saw them clutching their sides, or chuckling and giggling like a school girl. Take a moment to think about the last good belly laugh that took your breath away. Remember how your face and tummy ached? ”



Lisa Curry

Heart to heart

“Lisa Curry is a face and name familiar to most Australians: an Olympian and Commonwealth Games swimmer, champion ocean rigger paddler, business powerhouse, the face of Uncle Toby Muesli Bars for a record 23 years and mother of three. Lisa, who turned 50 in 2012, has spent her adulthood in the public eye and has had to grapple with her own mortality.”

Helen Dooley

Menopause – the transformation to wise woman

“Menopause is merely the end of your life’s reproductive season. It’s not a sign of old age. Your life is meant to be even richer than it has been, full of new and varied experiences. For this to happen, you can help yourself by understanding the changes that happen in your body and how you can best live in harmony with yourself.”



Deborah Harrison

No more dieting

“In this chapter, you will learn the importance of eating well and exercising and the benefits of these small lifestyle changes that are sustainable for life. No more dieting! This introduction to a healthier lifestyle will be the springboard to empowering you to look after yourself, and in-turn, inspire and empower friends, family, and work colleagues alike. ”

Paula Holmberg

Genetic profiling – optimising your genetic potential

“We can look at the use of genetics in two ways: to find out the cause of a disease and to prevent the diseases we are more predisposed to. Genetics scares some and intrigues others. We all have something to learn from testing our genetic profile.”



Narelle Lee

Seven keys to unlocking a wellness mind-set

“I would like to share with you the seven keys that I found unlocked a life of health and wellness. They underpin, without exception, all of the successes I have experienced in my sport, my business, and my relationships.”

Katrina Malin

The biopsychosocial approach to health

“The biopsychosocial approach – the biology (what is happening in your body), the psycho (the mind and all that it embraces), and the social (that of the environment where you live) – underpins this discussion and gives a holistic approach to care.”



Rosanna Mosca

Tapping your strength

“Thought Field Therapy is a cutting-edge treatment that you can use to conquer emotional distress, including phobias, anxiety, stress, compulsions, and many other emotional concerns. TFT is based on time-honoured principles of both contemporary clinical psychology and Chinese medicine. It is a drug-free method that literally taps into the body’s energy and clears up blockages without using acupuncture needles, drugs, or any other invasive means.”

Sarah Nanclares

The knowing-doing gap

“As I see it, ‘The knowing-doing gap’ sits at the heart of human cognitive behavioural functioning, regardless of the application. Unless we incorporate, apply, and action the great facts, intentions, principles, and concepts we have accumulated, the knowledge is hardly empowering, is it? ”



Meg Phillips

How hypnotherapy can improve your life

“The application of hypnosis to create an altered state of consciousness in addition to the use of therapeutic interventions differentiates the hypnotherapist from the hypnotist”

Doreen Schwegler

Are your energy levels low?

“One of the most common complaints that presents in my naturopathic consultations is low energy levels. I am approaching my mid-fifties and still surprise my friends and colleagues with the amount of energy I can muster to work all day, manage family duties, and then go dancing or partying afterwards.”



Leanne Sklavenitis

The ultimate mature women’s exercise guide

“I’m sure you have heard it before. We need to exercise and we need to continue challenging our bodies as we age! Not exercising may result in the onset of many health or medical conditions. Remember one important thing – it is never too late to start an exercise regimen. In fact it is critical, no matter what your age!”

Shelley Taylor-Smith

The art of positive thinking

“Shelley Taylor-Smith is a seven-times world marathon swimming champion who swapped her cozzie for corporate wear in 1998, and has harnessed life experience and formal psychology training to build her business as a motivational trainer for businesses and individuals. Repeatedly, Shelley has channelled mind power to overcome life’s curve balls— from scoliosis to chronic fatigue syndrome.”



Dr Bettina Tornatora

Greater health through chiropractic

“Health is a journey and not a destination; a person can seek a greater level of health at any given time in his or her life. Improvement is possible at any age and stage, and chiropractic can be the vehicle to achieve this naturally.”

Brooke Williams

Pilates higher, better, faster, stronger

“The absolute beauty of Pilates is that it is such a safe, comprehensive, and efficient workout that everyone can do it and see results.”



Diana Williams

Taking a firm view on fitness

“Telstra Business Woman of the Year in 2005, Diana Williams never imagined she’d get excited about working up a sweat. That is until the founder of Fernwood Fitness women’s gyms learnt some core secrets to success, shared here, now…”


“It is time for us all to shake up
the stereotypical representation
of how women over 50 years
should look, feel and behave,
as much of what we see or
hear reflects the reality of a
previous generation of mature



Why I wrote this book

Many mature women I speak with in my network share that they often feel invisible in society and in the media in particular. Stories, articles, interviews and advertising are often targeted at younger women. These mature women acknowledge that they are no longer considered young by society, and most are pleased that those challenging years are behind them, however they feel young and vibrant and certainly are not yet senior citizens. They feel they are a ‘middle years’ demographic – and are ignored!

My passionate mission is to show the world that as mature women we are a growing demographic that has been stereotyped and overlooked for too long. We are vibrant and young at heart, with many productive years ahead of us, and we want to live a life of purpose and passion.

For many, this may be their first opportunity to really take on the world on their own terms, after building early careers that never really satisfied them, and fulfilling years of family expectations.

I also want to leave a legacy for my daughter and her peers, showing them that when they take care of their health, they can live a long and productive life.

Take Action Now!

Don’t wait until you suffer an illness, experience an injury, require an operation or worse, face the threat of death, to think about your health.
Be inspired and empowered by the health chapters in this book and become proactive: take action now!