Inspiring Stories

When Bev Brough became a ‘woman of a certain age’ she accepted the challenge to change her life and follow her dream to become a speaker and a trainer.

Be inspired by her story and those of twelve other mature women to start living the life of your choosing.

Do you:

  • have a dream but have no idea how to bring it to fruition?
  • fear your best work is over, feeling it wasn’t enough?
  • wonder who could possibly want what you have to offer?
  • catch yourself thinking that at 50+ you are too old to start anew?

If so, Bev Brough is here to prove you are never too old to pursue and live your dream. For many years Bev had aspired to be a speaker and trainer but lacked confidence in her own abilities: after turning 50 she took control and began living her dream. She knew if she didn’t do it then she never would – and she didn’t want a life of regret. Her goal now is to encourage other women to also live the life of their dreams!

This book is written for the woman who holds onto a precious dream but may be unsure of how to turn it into reality, or who may have faced obstacles or made excuses over the years.

It is also for the woman who is unsettled or has a stirring within, knowing there is ‘more to life than this’, but lacks clarity and certainty.

To be inspired

  • by the revealing and honest stories of the twelve accomplished mature women in this book as they share how they have overcome many challenges to begin their own business or to change their career.
  • to take action on your life passion and live the life of your dreams

Now We’re Talking

This book is written for the woman who holds onto a precious dream but may be unsure of how to turn it into reality, or who may have faced obstacles or made excuses over the years.




This book is in two sections:

Section 1 – My story – Bev Brough

I candidly share with you how I progressed from having a dream to beginning a speaking and training business, outlining the small action steps I took to ensure it became a reality, the challenges I faced and lessons I learned along the way.

It is an honest account, as beginning a new business isn’t an easy journey: I wanted to include the exhilaration when the next small challenge is conquered and the disappointment of failures along the way, with both experiences contributing to the mix.

Section 2 – Inspiring stories of amazing women

These are the stories of twelve wonderful and ordinary women living extraordinary lives of their choosing after overcoming a variety of obstacles or physical, mental, spiritual or financial challenges. They had a passion or dream they chose to pursue and all have grown from their experiences.

Be as inspired by these women as I am:

This is their story. These inspiring women and contributing authors show Bev is not alone:

FINAL from Lingare-77

Penny Cantle

An Indian Mosaic

“So often things just do not go the way you expect them to. I didn’t end up working on AID projects. With my experience in teaching, training and facilitating, and my new understanding of AID work in developing countries, I became…a fashion designer!

Makes sense, doesn’t it?”

Janette Clonan

Kitchen Boardroom

“As the weeks went by, my teaching, international business and cross-cultural skills came together, enabling me to make a positive contribution. Though my confidence grew, working offshore in developing countries brought challenges such as long periods away from home and strain from the intensity of
the work.”

FINAL from Lingare-89

FINAL from Lingare-99

Laraine Doneman

The Serendipity Factor

“As a western woman travelling alone to India each year, I had learned to be safe in a country where life is expendable and cheap, and crimes against women are not unusual. In hindsight, India not only gave me wisdom, but also opened the door to my accidental career as a film producer. The seeds had been
inadvertently sown many years earlier.”

Anne Fuller, OAM DSJ

A Brimful Life

“So there I was (after 45 years in other careers) launching myself into a new career in the hospitality industry, running our business single-handedly with no previous experience in any shape or form. It was a steep learning curve for me, but as I
became more experienced, I started to really enjoy it.”

FINAL from Lingare-113

FINAL from Lingare-123

Jenny Garnham

A piece of paper on the wall

“Moot court: my biggest fear becomes a reality. I can’t do this. My dining room table is covered with case notes and all my preparation has been done. I’m scared. Tears flow. I’m standing outside the Federal Court. I’m on trial.”

Jane Grieve

Boldly written words

“Chrissie suggested that an art show would be the perfect vehicle to enable and force the issue of Susan’s and many others’ secret hopes. She, it was divulged, harboured a desire to further her photography, and she knew that others of us also nurtured impossible dreams.”

FINAL from Lingare-131

FINAL from Lingare-141

Cindy Hartwig

Life after the farm

“Life is never the same after someone is injured in the workplace. From personal experience I know that it impacts not just family but friends and the local community. I am a totally different trainer than I would have been without my own personal experience.”

Vivienne Lewis

My Everest

“Many people use iPhones and iPads to find just about everything so it occurred to me that it would make sense to have an App that would connect with a personal concierge/ organiser, no matter where you were in Australia or New Zealand. When I ran the idea past my SEO expert, he thought it was brilliant.”

FINAL from Lingare-149

FINAL from Lingare-161

Di O’Malley

Young minds for all ages

“There is always risk in business development and, at my age, I fear there is no allowance for failure and restart. Sometimes I ponder on the risk and potential financial failure, while at other times I am very optimistic about financial success.”

Mariette Rups-Donnelly

Fuzzy visions

“Through all my years acting and teaching I never understood that I was my own business and my own brand. If I had treated myself as such and developed a business and marketing plan I would have had more focus and more direction in my career.”

FINAL from Lingare-171

FINAL from Lingare-181

Bev Ryan

May the winds of change fill your sails

“When first presented with the idea, my immediate reaction was, ’No! I have no idea how to do that!’, however I soon saw the idea of joining the yacht race as a parallel with life and business: I had to grab hold of the opportunity by the scruff of the neck and find out HOW, instead of standing paralysed by fear.”

Di Sutton

A greater source

“‘Helping empower people on their journey through life is what inspires me and keeps me going. I cannot adequately describe the sense of connection, joy and privilege that I experience with my clients. It is job satisfaction second to none!”

FINAL from Lingare-191

Now We’re Talking

This book is written for the woman who holds onto a precious dream but may be unsure of how to turn it into reality, or who may have faced obstacles or made excuses over the years.





Over the years I had attended many personal development and business seminars and was often asked the question: ‘What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?’ My silent answer – I was too insecure to share this with anyone else – was always the same: ‘I would be a professional speaker and trainer.’

Lacking confidence and knowledge of the process involved in establishing such a business, plus finding endless excuses, meant this dream was put in the too-hard basket for too long. However as I approached my 50th birthday I shared my vision with friends and was surprised to find they also held dreams within them, yet had procrastinated for many and varied reasons as well.

As a result, I made a decision in my early 50s to begin my speaking and training business from scratch, a difficult and challenging process but one that has been so fulfilling and rewarding, as I am now living the life of my choosing. I now enjoy every new and exciting day.

Through sharing this vision with my ‘age peers’ I was introduced to wonderfully interesting women who too have begun living their dream after the age of 50, and this in turn fueled a desire in me to encourage others to step up to the plate.

Why You Need To Buy This Book

Are you currently making excuses that stop you from pursuing your dream? Do you tell yourself:

  • you are not educated.
  • you are too busy.
  • you can’t afford to leave my current position/invest in a new business.
  • you are too old.
  • my partner isn’t supportive of me pursuing my interests
  • my children/grandchildren/aging parents need me.

This book will inspire you to take action to live the life of your choosing.
It will also give you resources to help you clarify your vision and to get started.

If you continue to make excuses, you will never pursue your dream. You will never be any younger (that’s guaranteed!). You may never have more money or more time, and your children, husband or parents may continue to discourage you and/or always need you.

If you are a mother or a wife I am sure you have made sacrifices over the years to allow your children or partner to pursue their passions, dreams and/or careers. Now is YOUR time, regardless of where you are in your life.

Be inspired by these stories and remember you don’t have to know the ‘how’ and you don’t have to do it all yourself – you just have to start small. Now is the time to take action!

‘The future depends on what we do in the present.’ ~ Gandhi

Now We’re Talking

This book is written for the woman who holds onto a precious dream but may be unsure of how to turn it into reality, or who may have faced obstacles or made excuses over the years.